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Quiet Your Mind with These Three Tips

Looking for ways to quiet your mind? Read this and discover three of my favorite tips for quieting your mind and experiencing more happiness.


In today’s extremely busy world, being calm and content is an exception, not a norm. And if you’re like I was, trying to overextend and overachieve, you know what I’m talking about. Most people over-stress themselves to the point of burnout and even breaking down. Yet most don’t realize that we are doing a disservice to our minds which leads to hurting our bodies.


That’s why I want to share with you three of my favorite tips for quieting your mind.


#1 Practice the art of gratitude and appreciation


Feeling upset and disappointed when things don’t go the way you expect is so easy. From the moment you spill your morning coffee, run late, or miss the bus when you’re in a hurry–a loop of circumstances can set you off into a tailspin of negative emotions and feelings… even resentment. However, we have a choice. To stay in a state of disconnection and let emotions and circumstances dictate the day. Or choose to be grateful for the beautiful things in front of us even when we can’t see them right away.


Did you ever notice that when something lovely and fun happens, we tend to smile for a second and then move on? On the opposite, when something goes wrong, most people feel the need to tell everyone who will listen. In such moments of disconnection, you need to focus on what you’re grateful for and appreciate the present moment to pull yourself out of that disconnection. 


Keeping the focus on gratitude and appreciation proposes your mind something to smile about, no matter the outside circumstances. Focusing on people, places, and even little things that make you grateful gives your mind the quiet nudge to stay active in a healthy direction.


#2 Set up a time to do nothing


Nowadays, everyone has a busy schedule. Often, we set up our schedules to overflow and overestimate the time needed to “check off” things from the lists. And later complain that we don’t have time for ourselves. I’m inviting you to take a critical look at your schedule and see what you can delegate or delete. If you want a healthy and clear mind, you need to take care of it just as you would take care of your body. 


I invite you to put “quieting your mind” practices on your schedule. Use a big red pen to mark it on your calendar if you need to. Send yourself a reminder. And place it on your” To Do” list for this week. 


A bonus tip: give a 10 to 20 min zen meditation a try. You’re welcome. 😉


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#3 Take in the present moment


You may or may not have heard the phrase “Be in the moment!” and how essential this is for a healthy lifestyle and experiencing genuine happiness. If you take the time to learn what that means, you will be at least one step ahead of quieting your mind. Focus on what you are doing at the exact moment you are doing it. Pay attention to your environment at the moment you are surrounded by it. Experience whatever is in front of you while it is there. Take in the present moment. Embrace mindfulness.


In this way, you are focused on the present moment and not three days from now when something big could eventually arise yet still doesn’t exist.


These are one of my favorite three tips for quieting your mind. Namaste!


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