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5 Practical Exercises To Help You Build Your Holistic Wellness Practice

Firstly, let’s begin with what holistic wellness actually is.


What is Holistic Wellness?


Holistic wellness and holistic health don’t focus on one area of the body or several specific practices. It’s an approach that considers all the aspects of physical and mental health to create the perfect balance and foster overall well-being.


Holistic wellness emphasizes the whole person and fosters a lifestyle that nurtures this wholeness. The best definition of holistic wellness holistic health can be summed up as the following:


  • It’s a system of collective healthcare where the whole individual is considered.
  • It focuses on the connection between body, mind, and spirit.
  • It recognizes the connection between emotions, mental health, and physical well-being.
  • It’s a lifestyle rather than a treatment for one or more specific issues.


If you want to explore and embrace this robust lifestyle, I created a free guide to help you with that. You can download the Unfolded Well-Being guide here or tab on the image below.


free holistic wellness guide


To begin practicing holistic health, you don’t need to look further than your home and yourself.


The following

5 Holistic Wellness Exercises for Your Practice


Start Your Day with a Positive Thought


The waking and sleeping hours are a prime time to master your thoughts and emotions. In the place between sleeping and waking, turn your thoughts as positive as possible. These states are more powerful and set the tone for the rest

of the day or night.


For example, the first thing I do when I wake up before even opening my eyes is say, “Hello, beautiful day!”


5 Minute Gratitude Practice for Holistic Wellness


Keeping a gratitude journal is perfect for appreciating what you are and all you have accomplished and experienced. The fact of the matter is that human appreciation is arbitrary and irrational. We can work towards a goal for 5 years and appreciate its completion for a week. We must reframe our gratitude and appreciation to be joyful for everything, not just the big dreams.


For example, every night, before I fall asleep, I recall 5 things I’m grateful for and appreciate having experienced throughout that day. Nothing is too small or big for that.


One Hour a Day for Yourself Only


Put yourself first with vacations, massages, concerts, spa weekends, or whatever fulfills you or you want to do. It can be something as small or big as you want. You deserve undistracted enjoyment, and it is what you are here for. Sadly, most people think life is supposed to be a painful chore or experience it as such, creating so much stress and suffering for them. Do not do this to yourself. And, of course, it doesn’t need to be one exact hour. However, put yourself on your calendar for at least 10 to 15 minutes daily.


For instance, aside from many other things I love to do for myself, there’s one simple thing I do every day for around 30-40 minutes–in the evening, after my family and I have dinner, I have my own time alone to watch one of my favorite TV shows or sometimes a fun and sweet comedy or romantic movie. Alone!


Focus on Your Own Happiness Guide


Stop interfering with others at all costs. There is a kind of “virus” going around where people are trying to make the world a “better place” by pointing out the “flaws” with headlines like “times have never been better to… by a gigantic margin.” If you do not focus on your own self-growth and expansion, you will never grow, expand, and improve. And you will find many similarly interfering in your life. 


In this article, you’ll discover the essentials of living in genuine happiness. Plus, 6 questions to ask yourself that will support you in creating your own happiness guide to experience more harmony and joy in everyday life.


Meditate on Love


And lastly, meditate on love or focus on the heart chakra. This is an excellent recommendation among ancient spiritual scriptures. The heart chakra is a doorway to the higher self/your soul if you put your energy there for extended periods.


These are 5 of my favorite sound meditations and healing music by Templesounds for the heart chakra. You can meditate on them or listen to the sound (preferably using headphones)


Additional Resources for Your Holistic Wellness Practice


In conclusion, I’m sharing a few additional resources to help you on this journey.


Free Holistic Wellness & Wellbeing Guide. Inside, you will discover 7 simple home practices for mindful, holistic wellness and health that you can start implementing today to help you create optimum and lasting health and well-being.

15-minute video training about what Mindfulness is and how to practice it easily.

The video training is a direct sneak peek from my paid Mindfulness for Beginners Workshop Experience that I shared in my Unfolded Club Community (among other great resources 🎁). In the video, I talk about the psychology of Mindfulness, the concept of the monkey mind, and the most important foundation for practicing Mindfulness. Also, during this short training, I will guide you through a 3-minute Mindfulness breathing meditation exercise so you can deepen your understanding of the cycle.

Join the Unfolded Club Community and start watching right away. When you join us, you will discover a treasure trove of wellness practices: Mindfulness, meditation, yoga, nutrition, and more.

This is a nurturing space for women flourishing through midlife’s transformative phase. I designed it to support you:

  • Rediscover your inner strength & wisdom through mindful self-care rituals.
  • Navigate physical and emotional transitions with empowering holistic practices.
  • Embrace a community fostering self-love, compassion, and growth.

Join a vibrant space where beauty meets wisdom, and every step is celebrated.


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