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13 Ways To Change Your Mindset For A Better Life

Do you ever have those days when you just want to crawl back into bed instead of opening Zoom for your next client’s session, finish a task at the office or everyday chore at home? Or how about wanting to escape to a deserted island and leave all the trappings of 2020 and 2021 life behind? 


These are just a few examples of how running the rat race of life can get us down and discouraged and feeling like we’re not worthy of a peaceful life or successful work. Some people even feel like an imposter because they don’t have the proper degrees or haven’t reached their lofty carrier or business goals in a short amount of time. I know, all these “I just woke up to $127,36 without working at all, want a free copy of the blueprint” are really confusing… if you are an entrepreneur like me, you know what I’m talking about.


Embracing a positive outlook and changing your mindset when it comes to your work or business will carry over into your whole life and will significantly improve your joy and happiness. You can use these 13 tips in any aspect of life – business, personal, social – so start implementing some of them and take some notes when you see a shift in your attitude.


13 Ways To Change Your Mindset You Can Start Implementing Today


  1. Recite positive affirmations. Sometimes we all need a little reminder that we ARE worthy, and we DO deserve success. Find a few affirmations that resonate with you and post them around your house, where you’ll see them often. 


  1. Use “I am” (present tense) commands. Set intentions for what you want and repeat them in your mind (or even out loud) as often as you can throughout the day for at least a few weeks each. Use nouns “I am Wealth.” instead of “I am wealthy.”  


“You are who you say you are.”


  1. Spend your time wisely by learning from inspiring sources. This encourages you to move forward with your plans. Wasting your time with every resource possible that spout the same information leads to procrastination. Take a minute to check up with your inner voice if this information feels aligned with you.


  1. Draw inspiration from good role models. You’ll know a good role model when you see them because you’ll feel drawn to them, and their teachings will resonate deeply. Don’t copy their steps exactly; instead, modify the steps they took to their success, so it meshes with your life and your carrier or business values.


  1. Examine your current beliefs and mindset. Our subconscious internalizes limiting beliefs, which in turn makes us feel less than worthy or successful. Everyone encounters these limiting beliefs at some point; the key is to identify these beliefs (in all areas of your life), understand why they are blocking your success, and turn these around into a new perspective thinking that allows you to move forward.


“Everything is possible to the extent that you are certain.”


  1. Change your self-limiting beliefs into powerful beliefs. Grab a pen and paper and write down those self-limiting beliefs. Now change the wording of those limiting beliefs into something much more powerful. For example, if you believe that you’ll never be the breadwinner in your family, change that belief into, “I am intelligent and capable of earning enough money to support my family.”


“Act as though I am, and I will be.”


  1. Revisit your vision and goals and turn them into intentions. Everyone should have a career, business, and personal intentions; otherwise, you’ll have nothing to work toward, which can make life boring and unfulfilling. Creating a vision for your intentions often reignites the excitement you once had which in turn will excite you to break that vision down into smaller steps of actions that move the needle. 


  1. Socialize with positive people. As the Law of Attraction states, “Like attracts like,” so if you want to foster a positive outlook on life, find positive people to be around. Those with a negative view and a belief that everyone is out to get them will bring that negativity into your life, which WILL suck any positivity away. 


  1. Avoid negative media stories. Yes, it’s important to know what’s happening in the world, but seeing and hearing the constant barrage of bad news on all the 24/7 news channels will surely drain your positive energy. Just as with number 7, limit your news and read inspiring books or listen to motivational podcasts if you want a more positive outlook.


  1. Stretch out of your comfort zone. Trying new things, meeting new people, taking your business or personal intentions in a new direction are all risks, but you’ll have no choice but to “rise to the occasion.” Stepping out of a comfort zone can go a long way toward improving your mindset and self-confidence, especially if you’re one of those people who say, “That was easier than I thought,” when describing their new experience. 


  1. Find joy outside of work and business. If you never step away from the computer and are consumed constantly with work, coaching sessions, or to-do tasks you’re headed toward burnout. Live in the moment with your family and friends. Banish any kind of work talk from the dinner table. Find a new hobby. Walk on nature trails or along the beach. Reconnect with nature by planting a garden or doing yard work. Exercise your brain with crossword puzzles or play Scrabble. You’ll feel motivated and happy after allowing yourself time to relax and regroup.


  1. Practice gratitude. Gratitude journaling is all the rage right now but for a good reason. Finding gratitude every day allows us to focus on what we already have, which brings happiness. Your gratitude can also be in the form of personal or business wins, which again forces you to focus on the good things in life, work or business instead of the bad.


  1. Create a positive mindset routine (be it mornings or evenings). Instead of reaching for your phone the instant you open your eyes, consider starting a morning routine that brings positivity and motivation. Listen to motivational podcasts. Read personal development books or blogs. Journal about your daily goals, hopes, and dreams. Do yoga or other stretching exercises. Get silent. Starting your day off with positive thoughts and movement will motivate you and put you in a happy mood, which can often carry throughout your day. 


“Stop reacting and start creating.”


change your mindset - find joy


As you can see, there are no magic wands or pills that will change your mindset. You are in total control of your mindset, your thoughts, and your own success, no matter what that definition may be. Take your time implementing these tips, and share your intentions and dreams with your family and friends or whoever will be your biggest cheerleaders.


If you’re ready to make some big changes in your life, it’s time to step out of your own way.


**Quotes from one of my all-time favorite books: A Happy Pocket Full of Money by David Cameron Gikandi


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