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Inner harmony, outer glow: a modern woman’s guide to holistic health

Discover 7 simple yet profound practices for harmonizing your inner and outer worlds, enhancing your physical health, and bringing peace and balance to mind and spirit in midlife

Welcome to the Unfolded Life Project™

My mission with this project is to support high-integrity women 40+ to unfold their extraordinary so they can bring inner peace, joy and mindfulness into their everyday life and business

The Notion

The Re-Claimed Path™

Listen: I get it. The overwhelming pressure to achieve and succeed in your life, carrier or business has taken center stage in current society and now it feels like there’s no time to take care of the REAL star of the show: YOU.

You’re stressed and depleted, not to mention frustrated that you already has all the „stuff“ (or almost „there“) of your version of success, but crave more LIFE along with extra resources to explore it…if only you had the energy, the joie de vivre, the spark.

The reality is you CAN change all of this and be YOU in the process. And it starts by nurturing your body, mind, and spirit, so you can finally have the energy, creativity and unadulterated joy to live an unfolded life – and, you know, love your work, too – even when obstacles are temporarily housing your everyday flow.



Cultivate greater self-awareness



engage in mindful self-care for your body, mind and soul



expand your present-moment awareness and watch your life (and work) unfold

Behind the project

Hey there, it’s nice to meet you - i'm Peppa

My mission is to support high-integrity women 40+ to unfold their extraordinary so they can bring inner peace, joy and mindfulness into their everyday life (and business).

And I genuinely believe that to experience more of these, you first must master the art of present moment awareness.

🪷 Mindfulness & Holistic Wellness Coach, Breathwork Pranayama Instructor, dedicated student of the Radiant Lotus Women’s Qigong, passionate entrepreneur, Online Business & Master Mindset Coach, and the creator of the Unfolded Life Project™ 

Curiosity as the key to well-being

What if curiosity became the driving force for our holistic health, inner peace, and mindfulness for living a joyful life?

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Ready to embrace your path to lasting well-being?

We bring together holistic wellness mavens in midlife to cultivate mindful and healing practices and promote self-love so that you can nourish your mind, body, and spirit and create a joyful and empowered midlife journey.

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